Mission : Sourcing, International Purchasing in China

We provide a turnkey service, from feasibility studies to full management of supplies in outsourced mode.

Our goal is to help our clients create significant and sustainable value (cost, quality and time) in their purchases, by exploiting the opportunities that markets contain low-cost countries. Our goal is to develop long term relationships based on trust, transparency and business integrity.


Why buy directly from China ?

China is the factory of the world, including the high-end production. Most products, equipment and components purchased from distributors in Europe come from China.

Buy in China, so it is :

  • Purchases closer to manufacturers, by limiting the number of intermediaries
  • Provides access to a much more extensive than the European offer


What is the impact of transport ?

The two modes of shipping we use with China are the air and maritime transport :

  • Air transport is usually reserved for goods with high added value.
  • Maritime transport is longer (4-6 weeks), but less expensive.


After arrival, the goods are then shipped by road transport.